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A Pre-Broadway Musical


Michael St John is an actor, author, film, and television poineer. Michael is na iconic figure in Hollywood.  The first black director for NBC daytime programming. 


He has worked on Camren Jones, Gunsmoke and Jack Benny Show.  And had Hollywood experiences with Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Tony Bennett, Rock Hudson and so many more. 


Donna Allen
Kirk Khan Kelly
Leon Issac Kennedy
Rick Eick
Wanda Willis
Coriano Harris

The Angels Palace And Shop Talk While Real Men Wait

Play Writer

Carolyn is a graduate of Mass Communications and Theatre from PPCC, and Fayetteville State University. She is the Editor-In- Chief of Oasis Montage Magazine, a lifestyle magazine. Carolyn’s skills include journalism, radio, theatre production, and television.

Carolyn’s desire to be a playwright was inspired by Tyler Perry, a man she admires. Carolyn, a manager at the time of Upscale Magazine, met Tyler Perry. His story of triumph gave her the motivation and inspiration to succeed as a playwright.

In 2002, 2005, and 2007, Carolyn wrote and produced 4 major productions; Our History, Masquerade, The Gift of Giving, and Women Shoptalk while Real Men Wait. These productions were very successful and ministered to 1,000’s of families. Her productions has toured in Colorado, Missouri, Kansas, and North Carolina, SC, FL. Her most recent theatre project is a stage play that ministers to youth, young adults, and married couples. This soap opera is called, The Love Cafe’ (Agape’ Café’.)

The Angels Palace.


Brigette Eppes

Lisa Battise

Roy Coulter

Marvis Kelly

Johnny Wesley

Tabitha Duncan

Vania New

Garrett Patterson

Fabian LaTron