I Feel Sin Comin' On Christmas Party at Club 291

Grammy Writer Harvey Scales, Step Daniels, The Legend Charles Geer

 Grammy Writer Harvey Scales, Step Dainels, Saber Wilson, Artist Shirley Diamond, Artist Herman Hitson, TV Star Corriano Harris, Callie, Asst Exec Produer Mary K., The Artist Je & Levi Miller

Artist Shirley Diamond, ArtistSal, Artist Soltrie, Artist Jesse James, Artist Raven Salve, The Artist Je The Legend Charles Geer & Artist Herman Hitson. 

MC Durt, Executive Producer Levi Miller and Asst Executive Producer Mary K.

 Levi Miller on the Mike along with Callie, Mary K. and the Artist Je

Michael St John Award Night at Club 291

DJ Fat Back with Executive Producer Levi Miller 

Club 291 Owner Ronnie Oglatree on the mike

 Artist herman Hitson & The Artist Je

 TV Star Corriano Harris from the show ER and Host BJ

DJ Fat Back, TV Star Corriano Harris, BJ, Levi Miller Artist Shirley Diamond and Barbara Moore

TV Star Corriano Harris accepting Michael Achievement Award

I Feel Sin Coming On Audition

Executive Producer Levi Miller with Actor and grand daughter Nece  Tate

"I Feel Sin Coming On" reading

Actors Ron Godery & Herman Hitsong