About Us

EULMAM Concert/Broadway Play was formed in 2016 for the purpose of putting on quality music concerts and broadway plays and management for all ages, races and so on.   EULMAM  Concert/Broadway Promoters made a promise to  always support  charities organization with a percentage of all tickets sales and specially give back to Performance Art Education  in  each city we perform in which their funds from the government's was cut drastic  EULMAM Concert/Broadway Promoters Inc feel all youths and adults should be able to full fill their dreams in becoming an actor or actress 

Levi Miller

Is the founder of EULMAM Concert /Broadway Promoters and the Executive Producer of the Broadway Play " I Feel Sin Comin' On "  Levi is also the owner of  the internet radio station WLMR-DB  Radio and Co-owner of Apollo Travel & Tours and the Co-Founder with Carolyn Herring Moore company called Miller Montage Productions TV.  Levi in the past have also owned various successful business in the past.  Levi is also a disable Vietnam and Korean Vet who served his country well in the late 60's and early 70's and earned the rank of Sergeant in a very, very short time from the battlefield.

Mary K.

Is the CEO of EULMAM Concert/Broadway Promoters and Asst Executive Producer of the Broadway Play " I Feel Sin Comin'  and co owner and CEO of WLMR_DB Radio and part owner and CEO of Apollo Travel & Tours for over 29 years. Over the years Mary K. have promoted many theme music cruise, work shops, fashion, seminars and family reunion on Carnival Cruise Lines.  Mary K were born and raised in Jackson MS and also have a accounting degree from Jackson State University.

DJ Fat Back

Is a important member of the EULMAM Concert/Broadway Promoters team and also is one of the co-owner of WLMR_DB Radio and host the DJ Fat Back Blues Show. DJ Fat Back was born in Atlanta, GA, but he spent considerable amount of time in the UK hosting blues show all over the UK.  DJ Fat Back is in charge of security and transportation for EULMAM Concert/Broadway Promoters

Nadine Ali

Is our Public Relation person for EULMAM Concert and Broadway Plays Promoters.

Nadine Ali is the Founder and Executive Director of South Candler Neighborhood Advocates (SCNA), an organization which provides educational workshops on healthy eating, active living, mental health awareness for the families of the South Candler community and the general population of DeKalb County, Georgia. SCNA will eventually work toward serving families nationally, and globally. Nadine was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia and established SCNA in 2008 to help raise awareness on why people should keep themselves healthy and fit for life.

The SCNA mission is to develop, implement, and provide programs to help reduce health disparities associated with chronic illnesses through healthy eating, active living, and mental health workshops, which promote better lifestyles for the entire family. South Candler Neighborhood Advocates partners with various health providers and community organizations to help facilitate the programs. The organization has four staff members and is provided with numerous volunteers


Robinlynne Mabin has more than 10 years experience in Internet productions, winner of 7 Spreaker Radio Awards, Minister, Public Figure, and Mentor.
Born in Tacoma WA. A long time ago, Miss Robinlynne Mabin. Air Force Veteran, Advocate, Minister, CO creator and programmer director of VIBES-LIVE RADIO. an Internet genius and guru, social media director, productions and productions manager. Music being her first love after God of course. Miss Robinlynne supports artists, manager, records labels and more. with 10 radio stations on iHEART RADIO, SPREAKER RADIO, iTUNES, TUNEIN RADIO, APPLE PODCASTS. http://www.spreaker.com/user/robinlynne reaching over 5 Million listeners in 200 countries. 
Miss Robinlynne creates, producers, and syndicates a wide variety of entertainments, which can be viewed on the web, mobile devices and Roku.
See Robinlynne in actions giving artists experience, exposure and wisdom  with opportunities to perform and worldwides distribution
Mass Media Maven RobinLynne Mabin aka I'm Just the Cleaning Lady!

Sunni Rain

 Sunnic Rain is our Public Relations Person and Electronic News Letter Writer, Autism Advocate, Author, Publicist, Artist, Entrepreneur

Edwin Douglas

Edwin Douglas is our marketing director. Edwin Douglas also is a world known Comedian and is consider an expert in world-wide marketing...